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As the aquatic management leader, there are many advantages to working with From our state-of-the-art lake maintenance and aeration installation services, our lake mapping, and three-dimensional water volume and sediment modeling services to our fisheries management and water quality testing and shoreline restoration solutions, when you choose us for all your Lake Management needs, you can expect the best.

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Lake Management

The management and mitigation of inactive, invasive, and nuisance aquatic plants as well as algae using EPA-approved herbicides and algaecides. Services provided are Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and 1x with follow-up applications.

Fountain and Aeration

New Sales of Fountains and Aeration Systems. Not only are fountains aesthetically pleasing to the eye – but the fountains help improve the water quality of the lake by maintaining oxygen levels. Aeration systems will provide circulation which will reduce muck accumulation and mosquito habitat. Aeration promotes oxygenation by water circulation. Bringing anoxic bottom water to the surface.

Water Clarification

Applications of Aluminum Sulphate at rates that have been determined in our lab for accuracy in order to drop suspended particles. Providing a clean clear lake!

Nutrient Reduction

Introducing Aluminum Sulphate and beneficial bacteria to help promote better water quality by reducing excess phosphorous in the water body.

Fish Stocking

Stocking of Triploid Grass Carp for Biological control of Invasive/nuisance species of aquatic vegetation. Reduces herbicide use in certain situations. Game Fish which include Bream, Bass, and Catfish can also be stocked during certain months of the year. We also have Gambusia which helps in midge control.


Planting Native Aquatic Plants along the lakefront will restore the shoreline while helping with Nutrient uptake, wildlife habitat, shoreline erosion, and soil stabilization as well as aesthetics.

Mechanical Removal

Full Pond remediation removes vegetation by the roots and returns your pond back to “As Built” Conditions. Satisfies State and County Violations of neglected retention areas.

Physical Removal

Hand Removal of Vegetation dead or alive for instant gratification. Provides a less invasive approach where machinery can not be utilized.